Terms and Conditions

1 - ACCEPTANCE: Each order is subject to acceptance by IDIS Americas, Inc.™. No order shall be binding until accepted in writing by an authorized IDIS Americas, Inc. employee. The terms and conditions stated herein form the entire terms and conditions between Buyer and IDIS Americas, Inc., except for written agreements signed by both parties amending these terms and conditions.


2 - CANCELLATION OR CHANGE TO CONTRACT: Upon written notice by Buyer of intention to cancel an order, IDIS Americas, Inc. will stop work promptly. Cancellation of an accepted order requires IDIS Americas, Inc. written consent thereto, including terms that will satisfy all costs incurred and proportionate profit earned by IDIS Americas, Inc. Change orders will take effect upon Buyer’s and IDIS Americas, Inc.’s written agreement on all changes. However, if Buyer requests to delay shipping an order beyond the stated lead time, IDIS Americas, Inc. reserves the right to refuse the delay or adjust pricing to then current levels.


3 - DELIVERY: Delivery date is the ship date from the factory provided in the order acknowledgement, and is IDIS Americas, Inc.’s best estimate at time of order placement. IDIS Americas, Inc. shall not be liable for any nonperformance, loss, damage, or delay due to war, acts of terrorism, riots, fire, flood, strikes or other labor difficulty, governmental actions, including without limit delivery requirements of a US Government agency rated order, acts of God, acts of the Buyer or its customer, transportation delays, inability to obtain necessary labor or materials from usual sources, or other causes beyond the reasonable control of IDIS Americas, Inc.. In such event, IDIS Americas, Inc.’s performance shall be excused for a commercially reasonable time that is at least the length of time lost due to such delay.


4- LIMITED WARRANTY: IDIS Americas, Inc. warrants to the original buyer that the IDIS branded products (referred to as the "products") are free from material and workmanship defects for a duration of five (5) years starting from the initial purchase date. The standard warranty is offered without charge and extends to most of our products, except for the following products or components:


·        The following products for seven (7) years from date of shipment from IDIS Americas, Inc.’s factory:

o   DirectIP and DirectCX recorders

·      DR-1504P-A, DR-1508P, DR-2504P-B, DR-2508P-A, DR-2516P-A, DR-6508P, DR-6516P-A, DR-6532P-A, DR-8532D, DR-8564, DR-8564D

·      TR-2504, TR-2508, TR-2516, TR-4508, TR-4516


·        The following products for three (3) years from date of shipment from IDIS Americas, Inc.’s factory.

o   IDIS Server and Storage

·      IR-1100, IS-1100

o   IDIS Network Accessories

·      DH-2010P, DH-2018P, DH-2026PF, DH-2212PF, DH-2328PF, DH-2328PF-A

·      DA-ES1104-A, DA-ES1104B-A, DA-ES1104C-A, DA-ES1104D-A

·      DP-DE2108, DP-DD1316, DP-HE1201

·      DV-1304, DV-1304-A, DV-3200-B

·      NK-1200

·      DA-SP FTLF8519P3BNL, DA-SP FTLF1318P3BTL, DA-PI2101, DA-PI POE400, DA-LP1101R, DA-LP1101T

o   AVCostar ConteraIP Series Cameras

o   34xxHD Series Products

o   Rise 42XX Series Products

o   Consumables

·      Cameras: Cover Dome/Bullet Glass, Lens, Pan/Tilt Components, Wiper, Fan

·      Recorders: HDD, SSD, FAN, Power Adaptor


·        The following product for one (1) year from date of shipment from IDIS Americas, Inc.’s factory.

o   SD Cards


·        The following products for six months from date of shipment from IDIS Americas, Inc.’s factory.

o   Desipak, Desiccant


·        Rise 42XX Series Products with a IP67/IP68 rating include a lifetime warranty against moisture ingress. IDIS Americas, Inc. will clean/repair and re-pressurize returned Rise 42XX Series Products.

·        Resale items not manufactured by IDIS Americas, Inc. are warranted as specified by the original manufacturer.


This warranty specifically pertains to purchase of network products (hardware) produced and dispatched by IDIS starting from April 1, 2024.


IDIS Americas, Inc. will take reasonable action to repair or replace such equipment. Any claim of defect shall be submitted promptly in writing to IDIS Americas, Inc., Attention: Customer Service Department. A Return Material Authorization (RMA) is required for all items returned to IDIS Americas, Inc. for repair, and must be provided by IDIS Americas, Inc. prior to delivery at the factory. No items will be accepted without an RMA. Information necessary to process an RMA include Buyer contact details, a full product identification (serial number, model number), and description of the claimed defect as well as an explanation of the circumstances and operational conditions and reading at the time of defect. Purchaser shall prepay transportation charges to IDIS Americas, Inc.

IDIS Americas, Inc.’s total liability under this warranty program is limited to the repair or replacement of items purchased pursuant to these terms and conditions which are found to be defective in material and/or workmanship. IDIS Americas, Inc. retains the option, in its sole discretion, to make such repair or replacement at Buyer’s site, at the IDIS Americas, Inc. factory, or via an authorized service center. IDIS Americas, Inc. supplied subsystems from OEM manufacturers carry only their manufacturer’s warranty, which is passed on to the Buyer. IDIS Americas, Inc. will, at the request of the Buyer, assert warranty claims to the manufacturer of such devices, but by so doing does not assume any liability.

This warranty shall be void in the event of damage caused by misuse; disassembly; unauthorized repairs; intentional damage; failure to maintain the product in accordance with IDIS Americas, Inc. operating manuals; operation of the product beyond its specified operating environment; or damage caused by accidents, lightning, power surges, acts of God, or other natural disasters; or Buyer’s failure to timely pay amounts due to IDIS Americas, Inc.. Expendable items such as power cables, mouses, etc., are excluded from coverage under this warranty program.

Buyer shall be responsible for all costs of returning claimed defective products to IDIS Americas, Inc., excluding defective conditions encountered during initial use, and IDIS Americas, Inc. will be responsible for returning the repaired products or replacements.



5 - SHIPMENT: Unless expressly prohibited by Buyer, partial shipments shall be accepted. All shipments are made Ex-works (Incoterms 2010)- IDIS Americas, Inc. factory unless expressly agreed upon otherwise. Costs of boxing and crating for domestic shipment are included in the quoted price or quoted as a separate line item. When special export or domestic packing is specified, a charge will be made to cover this extra expense. Special packing requirements and method of shipment must be stated in the purchase order. IDIS Americas, Inc. takes reasonable care in packing for shipment and selection of carrier. IDIS Americas, Inc. assumes no responsibility for delay, breakage, or damage after having made delivery in good order to the carrier. Insurance is the responsibility of the Buyer. Claims for damage are to be made by the Buyer on the carrier; IDIS Americas, Inc. will assist in such claims, as requested by the Buyer. Charges & Freight quotations are available.


6 - U.S. TAXES: Unless specifically stated, the prices quoted are exclusive of any federal, state, municipal, or other government tax that may be imposed upon the production, storage, sale, transportation, or use of the products described herein. The Buyer shall pay such taxes applied directly to the sale and levied prior to shipment from IDIS Americas, Inc., or in lieu thereof the Buyer shall provide a tax exemption certificate acceptable to the taxing authorities. Unless a state issued tax exempt certificate is presented at the time of order placement, sales tax will be applied when shipping product to the following states: CA, NY, TX and, WA. Training is not taxable in any state. The U.S. Government is not taxable in any state. If taxable, Buyer shall include the appropriate amount and percentage on the Order for the Goods.


7 - DUTIES: All duties, import or export fees, customs fees, and brokerage charges are the responsibility of the Buyer. Pricing in IDIS Americas, Inc.’s quotation does not include these charges unless explicitly stated.


8 - RISK OF LOSS: Title to the goods shall pass to Buyer upon shipment from IDIS Americas, Inc.’s factory. Risk of loss of the goods shall pass to Buyer as soon as the goods are deposited with the carrier. It is specifically agreed that the risk of loss shall not be altered due to a default or breach of these terms and conditions by either party.


9 - ASSIGNMENT-DELEGATION: No right or interest in an accepted order shall be assigned by either Buyer or IDIS Americas, Inc. without the written consent of the other party. No delegation or the performance of any obligation owed by either party shall be effective without the written consent of the other party.


10 - APPLICABLE LAW: The law which shall be applied hereto shall be the Uniform Commercial Code as adopted by the State of Texas, and as effective and in force on the date of acceptance of Buyer’s order by IDIS Americas, Inc.


11 - EXPORT LAWS: The Goods may be subject to U.S. Government export laws and regulations. Buyer shall not export, re-export, or transfer the Goods or Confidential Information received from IDIS Americas, Inc. without first obtaining the appropriate US Government approvals, if any. IDIS Americas, Inc. will cooperate with Buyer to obtain any export licenses Buyer seeks, but obtaining such licensing shall be the exclusive responsibility of Buyer and IDIS Americas, Inc. makes no representation or warranty regarding the issuance of export licenses for the Goods.


12 - CASUALTY TO IDENTIFIED GOODS: If the goods ordered by Buyer are destroyed for reasons beyond IDIS Americas, Inc.’s control prior to the time the risk of loss passes to Buyer, the date of delivery shall be adjusted to accommodate remanufacture of the affected goods. If the loss is partial, Buyer shall have the right to take delivery of that portion of the goods which conform to the contract.


NOTES: Quote valid for 60 days unless otherwise noted.






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