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Megapixel IP Cameras

Our ConteraIP series of megapixel single- and multi-sensor IP network cameras are designed to AV Costar’s demanding standards and specifications to deliver world-class quality and powerful capabilities. Each ConteraIP camera is based on advanced System on a Chip (SoC) technology. Most models feature Enhanced WDR™, NightView™, IR illumination or Smart IR, and other industry-standard features and capabilities.


Megapixel IP Cameras

MegaIP megapixel cameras are designed and manufactured in the USA around our in-house-developed Massively Parallel Image Processing (MPIP) architecture, which runs on a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) integrated circuit at the camera’s core. The unique architecture is now in its 5th generation, delivering both outstanding cybersecurity protection and unmatched upgradability to extend the useful life of our cameras. MegaIP offers the surveillance industry’s most complete range of single-, dual-, and multi-sensor cameras.


Video Recording & Management Solutions

AV Costar proudly introduces StarNET, our latest Video Management Software (VMS). The powerful processing capabilities of StarNET allows you to manage multiple video streams from IP cameras as well as HD-TVI and Analog cameras when existing cameras are to be utilized. The StarNET platform allows for a decentralized management structure, with no central point of access. The StarNET client can be loaded on an unlimited number of computers with each user having a customized VMS experience meeting their business needs. Users, by permissions, can view live and recorded video and quickly produce self-extractable video files for universal portability to any computer without the need of additional viewing software. Powerful mapping with quick view thumbnails displaying live video on the map, increase user awareness of the layout of the system and further helps to get video when it is needed. Multiple monitors can be deployed for simultaneous live viewing, playback, mapping and system management to provide system health and status reports.

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