The Brains Behind The Lens

Arecont Vision Costar's Made in USA, Cybersecure MegaIP Megapixel Camera Family

Extract commentary from Jeff Whitney, AV Costar




Another trend making waves for video surveillance is the expanding footprint of multi-sensor cameras. An early innovator here was Arecont Vision Costar with vice president of marketing Jeff Whitney, pointing out that, at a practical level, such cameras can provide overall situational awareness while at the same time reduce the number of devices needed and the cabling infrastructure required. In a scenario like the retail sector, for example, Whitney believes that a multi-sensor megapixel camera is a strong choice. “The newest multi-sensor cameras feature adjustable and moveable gimbals that allow 180, 270, and 360 degrees of coverage, or anywhere in between.  As an example, one or more sensors can be pointed straight down to monitor the [retail] Point-of-Sale areas while the others can remain focused outward, covering the approaches to the area or the rest of the store.”


A good example of the direction of travel for multi-sensor models is undoubtably Arecont Vision Costar’s low-profile SurroundVideo Omni SX.  This is the latest member of the family of omni-directional, adjustable view, dome surveillance cameras that Whitney says the company pioneered for the security industry beginning in 2014. The new multi-sensor camera series builds upon the global success of the SurroundVideo Omni G2 in offering both 12 and 20 megapixel models.  Each features True Day/Night capabilities for indoor/outdoor usage, including Advanced Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) for varied lighting conditions and NightView technology for color low light performance. Built in SNAPstream technology is designed, explains Whitney, to reduced bandwidth without sacrificing image quality. In addition, the four-sensor, user-configurable Omni SX camera series features the customer’s choice of remote focus lens options ranging from 2.1 to 16mm.